How can your community benefit from a community building workshop?

Annie’s workshops teach the skills that will enable you to form, run and live in a beautiful, fun-filled and robust community. Every workshop uses many different activities to accomplish the goals. Team building activities are incorporated into every workshop because they are fun to do and offer rich opportunities for learning. During every workshop you will deepen your connection with your neighbors, build trust, overcome challenges and create the structure necessary to build a successful, well planned community.

Every workshop is tailored to your community

Each workshop is tailored to cohousing audiences and then tailored again to your community by using up front planning with a team representing the entire community. One of the workshops below may meet the needs of the community, or it may be appropriate to plan a workshop from scratch that meets the needs and issues your community is facing. This is a representative sample of the workshops she offers.

La Querencia, Fresno, CA

“Annie’s workshop was the highlight of all our workshops! Months later her name and lessons learned still come up when we are faced with everyday obstacles of community living.”

— Cara Bradley, A founder of Bohn Park Cohousing

  • forumVision, Values and Consensus Workshop

    Developing a strong foundation from which to attract like-minded new neighbors.

  • forumFinding and Keeping Your New Neighbors

    Motivating and enlisting every member to assist with the marketing effort using their own unique strengths.

  • forumFacilitating Effective Meetings and Making Good Decisions

    Learning and practicing how to run effective meetings that will keep your community energized and impress potential new members with your group process skills.

  • forumIntentional Communication

    Building on strengths, and understanding differences, learn to talk openly and honestly with each other and with potential members so that there is clear communication among all those involved in the project.

  • forumTransforming Conflict

    Disagreements can turn into long lasting disputes if not handled skillfully. Learn tools to help you harness the energy that comes from different points of view without using destructive conflict styles.

  • forumCelebrating Your Community and Updating your Process, Procedures and Relationships

    Six months after move-in, or when the time is right it’s Party Time! Celebrate all that you’ve accomplished and also make sure you have all the tools you need in your toolbox to continue your journey.

  • forumTilling the Soil: Nurturing Your Cohousing Community

    Your community has been living together for 5 years or more and has experienced the joys and challenges of community living. Plan a celebration or a retooling if you’re stuck in some unhelpful patterns or conflict.