“Annie is the one person in the US that best understands how the health of a community and their group process is directly tied to their success in attracting other members. Having worked as a process trainer, a facilitator, and in charge of sales and marketing for Silver Sage, Annie is uniquely skilled in working with groups on process and marketing during the intense development phase. She developed a series workshops for specific phases of growing and strengthening a cohousing group which I’ve found particularly helpful in growing strong communities. In addition, having lived in both intergenerational and senior cohousing, she understands the different attributes of both types of cohousing. I am always pleased to recommend Annie’s services to cohousing groups.”

— Katie McCamant, Cohousing Solutions

“Annie has an excellent knowledge of group process with a repertoire of strategies to help groups learn ‘who they are…where they want to go…and how to get there.’ Her personal experience in marketing, designing, and growing communities, and living real life in cohousing make her insights, observations and advice invaluable at every stage of the cohousing process. Personally, Annie is well-informed, creative, funny and easy to do business with. She is honest, clear and respectful in her communications and models the good interpersonal skills so necessary for members of healthy, thriving communities.

Annie is a great choice for any community interested in learning how to and growing into being the best it can be.”

— Pat Darlington, Cofounder of Oakcreek Community (The third elder cohousing community in the US)

Raven's Roost, Anchorage, AK

“Annie Russell’s contribution during two workshops and countless phone consultations has been invaluable in helping us get our co-housing development off the ground. She has helped us develop skills to help each other through inevitable fatigue and conflict, encouraging us to keep our hearts open while honing discernment. She engages with us with warmth and respect, offers concrete advice, and is fearless around conflict. It has been our very good fortune to have the benefit of her groundedness and experience.”

— Kristen Holmes, Member, Raven's Roost

“I would like to highly recommend Annie Russell! She facilitated a weekend workshop with our newly forming Cohousing Community and it was the highlight of all our workshops! Each item on the agenda proved invaluable. Months later, her name and lessons learned still come up when we are faced with the everyday obstacles of community living. In a nutshell, you cannot go wrong with Annie's presence, knowledge and wisdom!”

— Cara Brandley, a founder of Bohn Park Cohousing Community

“In Praise of Annie Russell

Annie Russell has helped many cohousing groups come together and grow their community. She worked several years for Wonderland as our director of community building. Her background in team building and group process facilitation made her a very valuable member of our cohousing development team. She understands and teaches the subtle connection between building a strong connected community and the sales and marketing of cohousing.

Much of the value in a cohousing neighborhood is in the quality of the community, its energy, culture, and processes for creating real value for its members. Annie understands neighborhood community and has helped many communities find and build on their potential value, and their ability to attract new members.”

— Jim Leach, President, Wonderland Hill Development Company

“Annie is perceptive and able to draw out people's emotions, thoughts, and needs that lead to people feeling safe in emotional communication. This is a very helpful and necessary process for community development. One of her strengths is her time spent living within a cohousing community, which enables her to bring personal experience to complex or delicate community issues in regards to process and facilitation.

We highly recommend Annie Russell as a facilitator to other cohousing communities as she will be an asset to your community process team.”

Fresno Cohousing Facilitation Team

“Annie Russell was a tremendous help to our Silver Sage community in its formations and early years. As a Wonderland Community Development Consultant, Annie brought her years of cohousing professional work and her personal experience to her consulting with us. Annie was instruments in helping us to develop a governance structure that has served us well to this day. She gave us models for community agreements that most cohousing communities need and helped us modify them to suit Silver Sage. After we moved in, Annie for several years provided ongoing invaluable advice to the Community Development Team that I chaired. I personally learned a great deal about organizational development and facilitation from Annie and know that I am a better and more effective community member because of her leadership and expertise.”

— Margaret Porter, a founder of Silver Sage Village