Need help on a knotty issue your community is facing. Between face to face workshops or as a stand-alone service Annie is only a phone call away. A marketing or sales question? Some unresolved community conflict getting in the way of moving forward? A question about the fair way to handle participation in your forming community? Or hundreds of other issues you may be facing. Call Annie.

She will arrange conference calls with your teams whenever you need someone who has experienced most issues that come up during development.

She can also consult with your other project professionals as needed to help integrate all the professional services that are part of a complex cohousing project.

Silver Sage Village, Boulder, CO

“Annie‚Äôs personal experience in marketing, designing, and growing communities, and living real life in cohousing make her insights, observations and advice invaluable at every stage of the cohousing process.”

— Pat Darlington, Cofounder of Oakcreek Community (The third elder cohousing community in the US)